Monitoring carbon dioxide and respiration rate

Spacelabs’ capnography module and Capno Pod measure end-tidal CO2 (EtCO2), minimum inspired CO2, and respiratory rate to aid in evaluating the ventilatory status of any patient – adult, child, or infant.

For use with Xprezzon bedside monitors, the 92517 capnography module offers flexibility by combining both mainstream and sidestream monitoring modes in a single unit. Sidestream monitoring, with a low sampling rate of 50 ml/min, is ideal for smaller patients. Accuracy is assured because the module automatically compensates for ambient barometric pressure. Routine calibrations are not required.

With this module, you can obtain:

  • waveform
  • numeric value (kPa, mmHg, or %)
  • minimum inspired CO2 value
  • airway respiration rate

This data may be displayed, incorporated into trends, and/or output to charting applications.

Capnography module for use with Xprezzon
Capno Pod for use with Qube and Qube Mini

Sidestream capnography, even on battery and WiFi

Designed for use with Qube and Qube Mini, the 92516 Capnography Pod is a sidestream gas analyzer that provides continuous EtCO2 in transport, without the need for additional equipment or power source, and without compromising or “trading off” other parameters during transport. The Capnography Pod includes a small, lightweight sensor that continuously measures the end-tidal and minimum carbon dioxide (CO2) levels in the patient’s airway. The sensor is connected to the airway by a disposable or reusable Nomoline sample line. A constant-flow vacuum system maintains the flow rate through the sample line.

Utilizing the same innovative technology as Spacelabs’ multigas module, the Capno Pod begins reporting EtCO2 and respiration rate in under 10 seconds. To minimize warm-up time between cases, an integrated Suspend Mode smartly disables gas sampling yet maintains power to the Capno Pod for faster start-up.

This product is not available for sale in all countries. Please contact your local Spacelabs Healthcare representative or regional office for more information.

Download Capnography Module data sheet (pdf)

Download Capno Pod data sheet (pdf)

Download Capnography Teaching Tool (pdf)