Holter monitoring

Powerful and accurate Holter analyzers and recorders

Spacelabs Cardiology can trace its origins to the very beginning of Holter technology in Del Mar Reynolds, the inventors of Holter technology over half a century ago. Since then Spacelabs dedicated engineers have continued to innovate and provide you with powerful and accurate Holter analyzers and recorders to collect, analyze, and interpret all the ECG information you need to support your cardiology, hypertension and diagnostic screening needs. Pathfinder SL represents over 50 years of expertise in designing advanced algorithms and tools that allow you to quickly analyze large amounts of ECG data and achieve fast and meaningful results. Combined with our powerful and scalable Sentinel cardiology information management platform, clinicians the world over count on us for reliable and accurate analysis results to assist with their diagnostic cardiology and hypertension management outcomes.

Pathfinder SL

A versatile and powerful analysis package for cardiology and sleep apnea analysis and review. Pathfinder SL provides you with the ability to analyze all your Holter data and turn it into meaningful interpretation and analysis presented in customizable report formats to suit your diagnostic needs.
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Lifescreen Pro

Whether for event screening or in-depth analysis, Spacelabs Holter Analysis systems are designed to help you get your patients on their care pathway as soon as possible.

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Eclipse Pro extended Holter recorder

Eclipse Pro is your versatile choice for screening, arrhythmia, pacemaker detection, and true 12-lead ECG. It adds an accelerometer and the patient-entry of symptoms and activity by Smartphone. Eclipse Pro offers up to 14 days of 3-channel recording using 3 or 4 electrode lead sets, or 3-channel patches.

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Eclipse Mini patch recorder

Enter a new era of intelligent recording by screening and diagnosing patients for atrial fibrillation and other intermittent arrhythmias with the built-in confidence of the Eclipse Mini diagnostic patch recorder from Spacelabs. With the battery built right into the electrode, it’s easier for patients to quickly connect and wear the Eclipse Mini for weeks at a time (even in the shower). This reusable recorder features high-quality, flexible recording options, providing more diagnostic data with 3-channel, 30-day recordings.

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Not all products are available for sale in all countries. Please contact your local Spacelabs Healthcare representative or regional office for more information.