Perioperative features designed for the anesthesia provider

Patients and workflows have never been more complicated in the Operating Room. Our patient monitors offer features that not only accommodate but enhance the way you work. Spacelabs’ perioperative features are focused on clinical accuracy, improved patient care, and better workflow efficiencies.

Clinicians are challenged to do more with less. Your technology should meet this challenge by increasing your workflow efficiencies and allowing you to focus on the patient.

  • Ease of Use – Caregivers benefit from the familiar, intuitive user interface standard across Spacelabs physiological monitors
  • Software dedicated to meet your OR needs.
  • Full parameter options configurable for what you need, per room.
  • Scalability based on acuity levels.
  • In-zone pressure scales.
  • A clean glass display where menus never cover the monitor screen.
    • Second configurable display when required, with data specifically for the surgeon/perfusionist.
  • Cardiac Bypass Mode.
    • Waveforms are visible, but no distracting audible or visual alarms during bypass.
  • New and proven anesthetic gas monitoring technology. See Multigas analysis.
    • Significantly lower cost of ownership using Nomoline adapters.
  • Flexible mounting options place displays where you want them.

Connectivity and remote management

Utilize Spacelabs tools to quickly determine patient status as well as assist with clinical decision making.

  • Admit to Operating Room using bar code scanner/ADT interface.
  • Spacelabs SafeNSound option automates device management and does not create duplicate records.
  • Easily feeds the EMR record.
  • View data from multiple sources.
  • Trends customizable on monitor and accessible for post-op patients via iPad.
    • Remote viewing allows room supervision, instruction, case prep and patient follow-up. Event reconstruction is available with all waveforms.
    • Data capture with customized trends for treatment or research, as well as numeric and waveform data for research analysis.
  • Printing available to any network printer.

Some products are not available for sale in all countries. Please contact your local Spacelabs Healthcare representative or regional office for more information.