Everything starts with a mission

Ours is to accelerate care team performance.


To empower the care team to achieve superior outcomes that save lives by providing seamless high-quality actionable insights.


Enhanced care team performance throughout the care plan by presenting a clear picture of the patient’s condition, prompting caregivers to take the right action at the right time, while seamlessly engaging the entire team around the patient.

What we bring to the table.

Spacelabs has over 60 years of experience in helping care teams to understand and act on their patients’ conditions in critical, sub-acute, and perioperative care environments.

Our expertise lies in working with healthcare providers in hospitals, medical clinics, and physician offices to assess their needs and satisfy them with high-quality informatics, patient measurement, and clinical networking solutions.

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What we value

Much more than words, we strive to live the following values every day:


Relentless customer focus


Always learning and applying


Ownership and accountability


Act with integrity


Teamwork with trust


Nimble innovation

Spacelabs Go! A history of excellence and achievement

We might take it for granted now, but in the early days of the space program, little was known about the effects of space flight on human physiology. Monitoring the health of the astronauts was crucial for moving these missions forward.

Spacelabs’ founding teams of scientists and engineers played an important role, working together with NASA to develop innovative ways for acquiring and integrating vital “patient” information. It was our first mission – and also led to our unique company name.

We were there

Spacelabs went on to become a prime contractor to NASA for the historic Gemini and Apollo missions, including Apollo 11. In fact, Neil Armstrong stepped on to the moon wearing a Spacelabs telemetry system. It’s a moment none of us will ever forget.

The spirit of exploration and discovery lived within our founders. And it lives within us today.

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