Integrating patient monitoring data and medical records

Spacelabs XprezzNet™ maximizes clinical and IT efficiencies by providing a high resolution data stream of all your Spacelabs patient monitoring data. This stream may be used to integrate patient monitoring data with your Electronic Medical Record (EMR), send alarm data to secondary alarm notification systems, or send high-resolution data to clinical databases for streaming analytics and research. To improve workflow efficiencies, XprezzNet also enables automated patient-to-device association from external systems, eliminating the need to type data into your bedside monitors.

Improve care with delivery of high-resolution, comprehensive data

  • Cerner Certified XprezzNet maximizes clinical and IT efficiencies by integrating patient monitoring data directly to CareAware iBus. No serial connection or additional connectivity at the device is required.
  • Use XprezzNet to integrate your Spacelabs monitors with Spacelabs SafeNSound to enable additional alarm management, enhance telemetry device management, and reduce communication barriers between caregivers and telemetry technicians.
  • Bi-directional Patient-to-Device Association simplifies workflows, reduces errors, and saves clinician time.

Reduce IT complexities

  • XprezzNet’s open architecture enables flexible integration with local hospital system and third-party solutions.
  • Virtualization capability on a full range of platforms allows for increased scalability, reduced hardware and infrastructure costs, and increased stability.
  • Easily configure and manage connectivity between your monitors, EMR, and event notification systems.
  • XprezzNet works independently of Xhibit Central Stations, ICS, and HL7, and can be installed on any network with Spacelabs patient monitors independent of other systems on the network.

This product is not available for sale in all countries. Please contact your local Spacelabs Healthcare representative or regional office for more information.

Download XprezzNet data sheet (pdf)