The Rothman Index can make a life-saving difference

Clinician burnout within our healthcare system is a greater challenge now more than ever. Providers are working longer hours, hospitals are understaffed, and alert fatigue is a major problem. Predictive analytics can alleviate many of these challenges, providing insights about each patient’s physiological status.

The Rothman Index can help

Powered by machine learning, the Rothman® Index (RI) derives a universal score of overall patient condition and provides a visual trajectory of a patient’s physiological status. By leveraging existing electronic health record (EHR) data, the Rothman Index drives actionable insights, creating a picture of any patient’s condition over time – any age, any disease, any level of care.

The Rothman Index is applicable in all medical/surgical units as well as intermediate care and intensive care locations. Warnings can be configured differently based on a patient’s location, to enable appropriate notifications for patients on regular nursing floors as well as those in the ICU. Because the Rothman Index uses a real-time data feed from the EHR, its scores will follow patients through the hospital even as they are moved and transferred, ensuring a coherent picture of the patient’s condition throughout the entire episode of care.

Rothman Index solutions, RI Trend and RI Mobile, are fully integrated with the EHR and use real-time data feeds to calculate new, up-to-date Rothman Index scores as soon as new entries for any of the input variables are registered in the EHR. No additional documentation is needed, and no extra steps are required by clinicians to generate RI scores.

Elevate your clinical operations

  • Reduce unplanned transfers to the ICU.
  • Better manage patient handoffs during shift changes.
  • Empower rapid response teams with robust patient surveillance.
  • Methodically identify patients that need palliative care.

Rothman Index can help you deliver more proactive patient care.

Dive into the details

Analyze outcomes in mortality, length of stay, readmissions and transfers to and from the ICU with Rothman Index Analytics. Drill-down functionality within visualizations allows clinicians and quality analysts to gather historical trends as a baseline, analyze retrospective clinical outcomes, measure performance of use case protocol adoption, and deep dive into specific patient information to support root cause analysis.

Envision more effective tracking

Monitor patients closely with individualized presets and custom watchlists while also viewing scores from previous visits. Access is easy via web browser, as is integration with all major EMR vendors.


Insights across the board

Detect changes before they become life-threatening, among and across patient populations, with Rothman Index Trend. The Trend dashboard can provide surveillance across all conditions, diseases and levels of care while also supporting communication during shift changes and handoffs.


Leadership in motion

Prioritize rounding and care delivery by identifying at-risk patients earlier, all while covering multiple units of the hospital. Spacelabs makes it easy to integrate Rothman Index Mobile into your existing mobile communications platform.

Organizational configuration options enable clinical leaders to determine when to notify the clinical response team through a push notification, reducing alarm fatigue and promoting trust in clinical decision tools.

This product is not available for sale in all countries. Please contact your local Spacelabs Healthcare representative or regional office for more information.