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Count on Spacelabs to help you standardize supplies and accessories across your enterprise for greater efficiency and flexibility. All our supplies and accessories are designed to provide accurate and reliable diagnostic information while also providing comfort to your patients.

Supplies by parameter and function

Supplies by product

90217A Ultralite ambulatory blood pressure monitor

AriaTele telemetry transmitter

CardioExpress SL18A resting ECG

CardioPulse Go resting ECG

CardioPulse Prime resting ECG

DM4 dual-mode monitor

DM3 dual-mode monitor

Eclipse Mini extended Holter patch

Eclipse Pro extended Holter

Evo Holter recorder

Lifecard CF Holter recorder

OnTrak (90227) ambulatory blood pressure monitor

Qube and Qube Mini compact/transport monitors

Xprezzon modular monitor