Connect, communicate, track, and report

Spacelabs SafeNSound™ (96180) assists hospitals in providing value-based care by streamlining workflows and improving communications. Features include comprehensive reporting tools, a communications dashboard for monitor technicians, and an easy-to-use device management system to admit patients to monitors/telemetry at the bedside. These tools help address top challenges facing hospitals today.

Maximize efficiency

Spacelabs SafeNSound provides tools for efficient device management, streamlined communications between caregivers, and simplified admissions.

  • Optimize throughput
    • Decrease device utilization
    • Increase device lifespan
  • Reduce supplies
    • Lead wires, batteries, electrodes, paper
  • Decrease communications volume
  • Decrease alarms
  • Better manage staff workload/tasks
  • Improve device management
    • Decrease lost devices
Spacelabs SafeNSound graphical report
Clear graphical reports for comprehensive insight

Review patient safety risks

SafeNSound helps you measure patient monitoring quality with reports including low battery duration, and how often alarms escalate to other team members.  Alarm reports provide detailed information by department, location, device, and parameter to help caregivers better manage alarms while maintaining patient safety. Look back at alarm data from previous hours, shifts, months, or even years. Alarm identification and monitoring can reveal areas for improvement in your alarm management process. Use Spacelabs SafeNSound to compare pre- and post-process changes and meet TJC NPS goals related to alarms.

  • Order management
    • Increase order awareness
    • Decrease risk of unmonitored patients
  • Bedside scanning
    • Reduce errors related to ADT
  • Patient management
    • Increase awareness of patient events via retrospective alarm information
Spadelabs SafeNSound Alarm Summary Report
SafeNSound alarm summary report

SafeNSound Mobile

Expand your clinical team’s access to patient information for near real-time access to comprehensive patient monitoring data. The SafeNSound mobile app helps caregivers make timely and informed patient care decisions regardless of their physical location.

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Optimize workflow

Streamline patient management, staff assignments, and device management for the entire care team.

  • Increase accountability
  • Decrease time needed to find devices
  • Improve device management
SafeNSound patient overview
Patient overview including time on tele, trended vitals, and alarms

Access comprehensive data to help you implement smarter alarm settings.

This product is not available for sale in all countries. Please contact your local Spacelabs Healthcare representative or regional office for more information.