Utilize patient monitoring systems and features to mitigate risks

Modifying workflow and monitoring processes can potentially mitigate viral infection risks to help keep caregivers safe. Spacelabs systems and monitors include features you can use to minimize unnecessary entry into patient rooms.

Bedside monitoring

  • Utilize remote monitoring. Spacelabs patient monitoring devices are highly interoperable, enabling parameter adjustment of bedside monitors from any remote monitor on the network. By placing a wireless monitor outside of the room in an alcove and utilizing the hospital’s wireless infrastructure, the caregiver can remotely view and control all alarm limits, trends, and arrhythmias as though they were at the bedside. DVI-D video cable up to 16 feet without a repeater. For distances greater than 16 feet, a repeater may be required in order to guarantee signal quality. Spacelabs technical support is available 24×7 to help you troubleshoot any issues you have utilizing this capability.
  • Qube and Qube Mini monitors enable you to turn any bed into an ICU-level monitored bed, visible from any available zone on any central surveillance monitor. When equipped with a mid-acuity B module, these monitors capture ECG, SpO2, NIBP, temperature, and two invasive pressures. The high-acuity C module offers two additional invasive pressures and thermodilution cardiac output.
  • EtCO2 modules are available for any Qube, Qube Mini, or Xprezzon device and can be utilized in while on battery and during transport.
  • Qube bedside monitors support a secondary touchscreen display which may be deployed in the alcove, enabling parameter adjustments as well as the ability to start a NIBP and even admit from the second display outside of the room.

Enterprise and central surveillance

  • Xhibit Central Station surveillance monitors support similar interoperability.  A range of critical parameters including ECG, SpO2, and invasive blood pressure can be adjusted from the station away from the patient area.
  • Access information via PCs and mobile devices. High resolution data and retrospective waveforms can be accessed for bedside and telemetry monitors across the hospital within seconds on any PC or mobile device utilizing the Bedside View feature in Clinical Access, and any PC utilizing Spacelabs’ SafeNSound cloud-based software.

The architecture of Spacelabs’ patient monitoring solutions enables remote surveillance throughout the hospital, as well as at other Spacelabs-enabled hospitals, regardless of geography. This may help hospitals continue to care for patients in facilities closer to their home community by providing remote consultation and support opportunities.

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