Patch and Holter,
the Best of
Both Worlds

Eclipse Mini & Eclipse Pro

Spacelabs’ choice of 3-channel diagnostic patch or extended Holter recorders help you to diagnose all your patients - whatever their condition.

Event screening combined with in-depth Holter analysis help you to reduce analysis time and work more efficiently whether in-house, in the community or with scanning services.

Waiting List Reduction - Community Hubs and Scanning Services

Spacelabs’ helps you work with your partner healthcare services across the community. Recorders can be set up and used remotely with the recordings securely transmitted for central analysis.

Or you can work with Spacelabs’ accredited scanning partners to help lift the load by outsourcing your analysis and receiving results back electronically for integration with your EMR.

Flexible Triage for even Faster Analysis

Eclipse Mini & Eclipse Pro

Screen for major events with the Lifescreen Pro system for faster analysis.

Then, for those recordings needing a deeper dive, transfer a section of the same recording to Pathfinder SL for in-depth analysis or research.

Find out how Spacelabs Arrhythmia Diagnostic Solutions can help you to diagnose more patients.

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    Ambulatory Blood Pressure

    Validated for accuracy against all major protocols, OnTrak is comfortable for patients and easy for caregivers to set up.

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    Cardiology Information Management System

    Web-based for device management, data access and HER integration.

    Web-based for device management, data access and EPR integration.

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    Spacelabs ECG

    ECG Machines and PC-ECG and Stress Test

    Acquisition, interpretation and comparison. Workflow with ID management, orders and results.

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    This product is not available for sale in all countries. Please contact your local Spacelabs Healthcare representative or regional office for more information.