Why care team performance?

Whether working across departments, across town, or across the globe, care teams need to make confident decisions, efficiently and consistently, for healthcare organizations to succeed.

Look to Spacelabs to help you create every possible advantage, through:

Decisive Intelligence

Launch more confident decision-making throughout the care plan with Spacelabs Decisive Intelligence, a framework for clinical decision support that empowers care teams to take the most appropriate actions based on meaningful data.

TeamUp strategies

Count on Spacelabs TeamUp strategies experts to deliver a host of performance-improving site assessment, clinical education, installation and maintenance services to help you plan, implement and grow.

Runway architecture

Flexible Spacelabs Runway architecture is designed from the start to integrate more directly with your EMR, with standard components that provide for easy installation – all with the high levels of security.

Informatics and patient measurement

Inspired by spaceflight systems engineering, Spacelabs decision support systems translate the output of precision patient measurement devices into sharable and actionable informatics in ways that help engage the entire care team around the patient.

With so much on the line, care team performance is more crucial than ever—and so is your choice of partner.