Patient monitoring

Diagnostic fidelity information at your fingertips

Spacelabs patient monitors offer fast access to comprehensive patient information where and when needed. In this way, our monitors help speed and support your decisions, which in turn can improve response time, advance patient care, and enhance patient safety.

Our continuous monitoring solutions offer 100% touchscreen accessible tools and navigation. Consistency and flexibility are built into every monitor for intuitive ease of use across a full range of care settings with a minimum of training.

Modern and innovative design provides an appealing and comfortable experience for both patients and their families.

Spacelabs offers a wide range of Clinical Parameters to provide comprehensive monitoring capabilities and unparalleled flexibility in matching the monitors to the patient’s care requirements.

patient monitoring

Xprezzon bedside monitor

Xprezzon provides premium performance and ultra-configurability to support the clinical requirements of the highest acuity environments.

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Qube 91390 compact patient monitor

Qube is well-suited for use in high acuity neonatal, pediatric, and adult care, as well as perioperative environments.  With wireless networking and two batteries, Qube supports extended transport for up to eight hours.

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Qube Mini 91389 monitor optimized for transport

Qube Mini offers caregivers access to current and critical patient information from the bedside throughout transport.

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C50 bedside monitor

The Spacelabs C50 patient monitor is the ideal solution for quality clinical care while supporting your budget.

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