The Rothman® Index (RI)

Predictive analytics surrounding patient care

Compared to other early warning systems, the Rothman Index covers a wider population and more levels of care to create greater impact on patient outcomes. A wider range of clinical inputs makes the Rothman Index a better calibrated algorithm for accurately reflecting the full spectrum of patient acuity compared to competing solutions. Additionally, customizable population-based rules allow increased sensitivity/specificity to reduce alert fatigue.

Case studies and white papers

Spacelabs Healthcare helps hospitals and health systems synthesize patient health data, empowering clinical teams to make more informed decisions that help improve outcomes, shorten length of stay and reduce readmissions. See how leading healthcare organizations are using the Rothman Index to transform their clinical and financial efficiency.
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Peer-reviewed articles and abstracts

Don’t just take our word for it. See what academic researchers are publishing in peer-reviewed medical journals about the Rothman Index.
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