Bispectral Index (BISx)

Acquiring electroencephalogram data

In the operating room or critical care environments, the BISx module reliably monitors depth of consciousness and sedation level, eliminating the need for bulky standalone systems. This type of monitoring is used to prevent patients’ awareness during surgery by notifying clinicians when additional medication may be needed.

The Bispectral Index (BISx™) module acquires real-time electroencephalogram (EEG) data for adult and pediatric patients. Then, the BISx analysis is calculated from the frequency, power, and phase throughout the entire frequency range of the EEG and presented as an index number between 1 and 100.

Additional parameters associated with the EEG data include:

    • Suppression Ration (SR)
    • Spectral Edge Frequency (SEF)
    • Median Power Frequency (MF)
    • Electromyographic strength (EMG)

Adult and pediatric sensors work with the same module, which is easily moved from monitor to monitor.

Bispectral Index supplies

This product is not available for sale in all countries. Please contact your local Spacelabs Healthcare representative or regional office for more information.

Download BISx data sheet (pdf)