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The volume of healthcare data and mixture of data sources is growing exponentially. For hospitals that successfully manage and integrate patient data into their clinical and operational processes, the rewards can be substantial. Having actionable data available can help improve patient outcomes, lower care costs, provide more access to understanding performance, and increase staff and patient satisfaction rates.

Spacelabs analytics solutions are designed to help you identify risks earlier, streamline workflows and improve communications to you can deliver better outcomes and decrease costs.

Predictive, real-time clinical decision support with a universal score of the patient condition

The Rothman Index helps organizations to detect sepsis earlier, lower cost per case, prevent unplanned ICU transfers, reduce 30-day readmissions, and optimize palliative care consults. The Rothman Index is the only proven algorithm that derives one simple score from the vast amount of data in the electronic medical record to create a picture of any patient’s condition over time – any age, any disease, any unit. It can detect patient deterioration hours or days earlier than existing scores and systems, and is the first patient deterioration surveillance solution of its kind to receive FDA 510(k) clearance. Our clients are hospitals and clinicians who need to identify patients at risk of rapid decline, make decisions about transfer and discharge, predict the risk of severe infection, and improve the overall efficiency and quality of care.

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Alarm modeling brings you the data you need to implement meaningful change

Even the most committed clinicians cannot address alarm fatigue on their own. Spacelabs alarm modeling reports provide detailed information by department, location, device, and parameter to help caregivers better manage alarms while maintaining patient safety. Look back at alarm data from previous hours, shifts, months, or even years. Alarm identification and monitoring can reveal areas for improvement in your alarm management process. Use Spacelabs SafeNSound to compare pre- and post-process changes and meet TJC NPS goals related to alarms.

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