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Diagnostic Cardiology MDS2

Log Out Diagnostic Cardiology Manufacturer Disclosure Statements for Medical Device Security (MDS2) Spacelabs Healthcare provides the following documents to active customers to provide security information about its products. These forms are copyrighted by Spacelabs Healthcare. You are granted a non-exclusive, non-transferable, non-sublicensable license for use of the information by your cybersecurity personnel. You agree that [...]

Acute EN

Patch and Holter, the Best of Both Worlds Traditional and Extended Holter – the Best of Both Worlds Eclipse Mini & Eclipse Pro Spacelabs’ choice of 3-channel diagnostic patch or extended Holter recorders help you to diagnose all your patients - whatever their condition. Event screening combined with in-depth Holter analysis help you to reduce [...]


It's GO time! CardioPulse Go compact electrocardiograph is always ready to go, even in the most acute settings. Compact and portable at under 2.5 pounds Bi-directional DICOM into existing EMR or PACS systems The ideal device for those who desire a more paperless workflow Review, store, transmit and even print 12-lead rhythm strip for up [...]

Eclipse Pro extended Holter recorder

Eclipse Pro extended Holter recorder One device for multiple diagnostic needs Increased compliance, easy to use and re-use Better patient compliance means a better recording, which is more accurate and easier to analyze, and also potentially reduces the need for repeat recordings. Eclipse Pro has a wide range of lead fittings that make it easy [...]

Sentinel mobile workstation

Sentinel mobile workstation Cardiology tests you need, where you need them Spacelabs Sentinel Mobile Workstation takes the test to the place where it is needed—in departments, clinics, rooms, and wards. It helps to reduce the need for movement of caregivers and patients, saving time and improving workflow. Its Bluetooth and wireless connectivity help to improve [...]

Holter monitoring

Holter monitoring Powerful and accurate Holter analyzers and recorders Spacelabs Cardiology can trace its origins to the very beginning of Holter technology in Del Mar Reynolds, the inventors of Holter technology over half a century ago. Since then Spacelabs dedicated engineers have continued to innovate and provide you with powerful and accurate Holter analyzers and [...]

Resting ECG

Resting ECG Clinical accuracy, advanced data analysis Spacelabs offers a range of resting electrocardiograph (ECG or EKG) devices designed to meet the unique needs of your patients within your clinical setting. Our solutions range from a highly portable six channel recorder, to mid-range 12-lead ECG devices, up to our high-end true 18-lead product supporting 18-, [...]

ABP monitoring

ABP monitoring Ambulatory blood pressure monitoring (ABPM) is the most cost-effective monitoring strategy. Compared with other dietary, lifestyle, and metabolic risk factors, high blood pressure is the leading cause of death in women and the second-leading cause of death in men.1 Findings of a study suggest that ambulatory blood pressure monitoring (ABPM) is the most [...]