Supplies and accessories for Qube and Qube Mini

Qube has one module slot and can be expanded using the optional two-slot module housing to support up to three modules. Qube is compatible with the SL Command Modules and other specialty parameter modules, such as Capnography, Bispectral Index (BISx), Multigas, and SvO2/ScvO2. Additionally, Qube is compatible with the Capnography Pod and Exergen TAT-5000S temporal artery thermometer.

Qube Mini has one module slot. Qube Mini is compatible with the SL Command Modules, Capnography Pod, and Exergen TAT-5000S temporal artery thermometer.

To find supplies for your Qube and Qube Mini, select the desired parameter below and then use the COMPATIBLE WITH filter in the left-hand menu to select the specific module to be used with the supplies.