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Spacelabs is committed to bringing significant value to New England Rural Health Association members and to the broader rural health space. We are excited about the possibilities that our combined efforts will unlock.

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New York, Vermont

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Patient Monitoring Solutions Specialist

New England

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Create a better day for your patients

Patients benefit most from systems that make it easy for care teams to access actionable information where and when they need it to make quick, fully-informed decisions. Count on Spacelabs patient monitoring solutions to help reduce stress for your patients and their families, create a calm environment and instill confidence.

Reframing the approach to sepsis

One way to address the challenges associated with diagnosing sepsis is to reframe the approach to focus on overall patient deterioration.  It is well established that sepsis is associated with progressive physiological deterioration as a patient advances along the sepsis spectrum. Early identification of deterioration allows focus to be placed on the patient and not a definition and enables clinicians to get ahead of lagging indicators that are often used to define sepsis.

Getting ahead of patient deterioration is a patient safety imperative. Doing so effectively helps the patient population at large, while also tackling the challenge of early sepsis detection and intervention head-on. An approach based on identifying patients in need of intervention, and directing resources to their care, can have patient safety benefits that go beyond a strictly sepsis-directed effort.

Streamline workflows for your care teams

Spacelabs Decisive Intelligence™ makes it easier for care teams to collect meaningful patient monitoring and diagnostics data; understand a patient’s condition; share insights with colleagues; and prompt team members to take action, throughout the patient care path, at any time, from any location.

Take staff burnout head on

Extended work hours, sleep deprivation, high-stress work environments, lack of support, and emotional strain from patient care can lead to nurse burnout. These challenges are often exacerbated by outdated patient management systems, some of which have been in place for years.

But recent advances in patient monitoring technology can help. Spacelabs’ latest enterprise software is designed to drive new efficiencies and enhance the speed and precision of care. Streamline communications and make actionable data available to care team members wherever they are in the hospital. Take advantage of automated processes to ensure the right patient data is going to the right patient chart. Implement data-driven alarm management to improve clinical workflow and help your care teams focus on what is most important, as well as enhance patient and care team satisfaction by eliminating non-actionable alarms.

Powerful, proven clinical solutions

We have recently expanded our digital health portfolio with the Rothman Index, predictive software that provides a score to better quantify patient acuity. The Rothman Index empowers organizations to transform healthcare through the intelligent use of data. It provides accurate, actionable insights at both the patient and population level. From community hospitals to world-class health systems, the FDA-cleared clinical decision support tools are proven to help deliver better operational, clinical, and financial outcomes.

Easy. Transparent.

Spacelabs TeamUp™ strategies deliver a comprehensive solution for hospital systems. All software, service, education and support is included. Device intelligence, integration and support are all part of the package.

Evidence of success

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Take control of alarms to create a safe, comfortable patient experience.

Optimize workflow to put patient safety at the forefront of care.

The greatest advances in healthcare have taken place because somebody, somewhere was on a mission. Ours began decades ago in the early days of the space program when our founders joined with high-performing teams of NASA scientists and engineers to develop the first cardiac monitoring systems for astronauts. Then as now, there are no limits to what people can achieve when working together.