Knowledge as well as technology

Because no two situations are alike, a flexible architecture is only part of the solution. Expertise in assessing integration needs and opportunities is also critical for success.

Understanding each individual organization’s workflows and IT infrastructure at a deeper level helps us design and implement the system capabilities that will best serve operational objectives and reduce economic surprises.

It’s important to ask the right questions up front when working together to design a solution that will meet your needs: How do you search for patient records? How do you store data? Where do you sign off on the report (directly in the EMR or with a form that eventually becomes part of the EMR)? How do you connect, with HL7 or DICOM? How do you configure? How do you download?

We configure systems to a customer’s daily work to meet the needs for data flow to and from the EMR, including appropriate access at appropriate times.

Deploying Spacelabs software in your data center makes it easier to stay on top of cybersecurity and other updates and allows teams to make decisions faster and easier as new capabilities become available. With today’s dynamic environment of patches, upgrades, and security, this approach means it’s also easier to expand as needs evolve, such as when joining a new health system integrated delivery network.

After installation, we remain at your side with enterprise integration managers and technical support teams who take responsibility for your business. Everyone works together to help your teams perform at their highest levels while helping you achieve your organization’s clinical and operational goals.