Spacelabs UK helps with the arrhythmia diagnostics backlog during COVID

Solution enables cardiologists and physiologists to work from home

Since the COVID pandemic began, tens of thousands of hospital cardiology procedures have been postponed in the UK, affecting hospitals’ ability to diagnose and treat vulnerable patients.

To help ensure patients continue to get the help and treatment they need, Spacelabs UK created Portable Pathfinder, a dedicated installation of the popular Pathfinder SL analysis software supplied on a laptop PC. Developed with the analysis backlog in mind, Portable Pathfinder allows physiologists and technicians to work effectively from home, avoiding the need to attend the department while providing timely results back to patients to ensure they are treated as quickly as possible.

Running as a local client application, Portable Pathfinder allows fast, efficient user interaction with high volumes of ECG waveform data. After analysis is complete, connectivity back to the hospital department enables the clinician to upload the results and link in to the hospital’s EMR.

Portable Pathfinder saves time by enabling clinicians to avoid travel to work and reduces infection risk with fewer people in the department. It also allows hospitals to bring in additional physiologists to work on demand from any location.

Spacelabs is committed to helping NHS staff in UK hospitals cope with the current pandemic.