Spacelabs featured in NASA space technology magazine

Company recognized for pioneering technology

Once a year, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration publishes NASA Spinoff, a print and online magazine highlighting technology that has moved from space exploration into widespread commercial use right here on Earth. “Even as NASA continues to unpack data from the most distant world ever visited—Ultima Thule, which the New Horizons probe zoomed past 4 billion miles from Earth at the start of last year—the Space Agency never takes its eyes off our home planet,” writes NASA administrator Jim Bridenstine.

This year’s Spinoff profiles the contributions of Spacelabs—the company that invented medical telemetry in support of the Gemini and Apollo missions. From Neil Armstrong’s first step onto the surface of the moon to the safe remote monitoring of isolated COVID-19 patients in today’s ICU, medical telemetry continues to play an essential role in connected care.