System Integration

Vital Signs Interface (92843)
The Vital Signs Interface seamlessly links patient monitors to your Clinical Information System (CIS) via a single scalable HL7 interface. Automatic data transfer eliminates the need for nurses to enter data manually into the patient’s chart. Charting is fast, complete, accurate, and comprehensive, incorporating Flexport data from peripheral devices as well.

ADT Interface (92842)
The ADT Interface collects admission, discharge and transfer information via the hospital network and stores it in a centralized database. This enables you to automatically populate current patient information in the monitor, saving time and reducing the potential for errors in data entry. Patient administrative data is readily available, without searching in other systems. Our bar code scanning technology can help to automate the process.

Enterprise Network Interface (92848)
The Enterprise Network Interface (ENI) provides the basis for a hospital’s secondary alarm notification system.

12-Lead Electrocardiogram Interface (92877)
The 12-Lead Interface enables you to export diagnostic electrocardiogram (ECG) reports from a Spacelabs bedside monitor to an ECG management system, eliminating the need for an ECG cart and technician. The interface delivers reports through a single link to your ECG management system in the format required by that system. It works with all major ECG management systems, such as GE Muse or Phillips Tracemaster.

XprezzNet (96190)
Developed with partner company Cerner, XprezzNet supports direct loading of vital signs, waveforms and alarms from the monitors to charting systems and alarm management systems and EMR. XprezzNet provides data in real time. The receiving systems can launch ICS Clinical Access for an historic view and retrospective analysis.

Additional Interfacing
The monitors also support serial transfer of data using PDL, Vitalink and Capsule technology. This is of particular relevance to anesthetic monitoring and with Flexport interfaces.

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