Cardiology technical service training

Spacelabs Healthcare provides comprehensive technical training for our International Distributor and Channel Partners. Students can select classroom-based training located at our offices in the United States and the United Kingdom. Additionally, we offer Sentinel technical service training as a virtual, e-learning course.

All classes focus on real-world system maintenance using live systems and are conducted by industry-leading instructors. Our multi-day course is designed to prepare our International Distributors and channel Partners to safely and effectively maintain their systems.

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In-person training

Classroom training is available in our Hertford (UK) and Snoqualmie (USA) offices. All training material is in English and the training system assigned to you will have Microsoft Windows Professional (English).

Maximum number of delegates: 12
Duration: 5 days (Monday – Friday)
Hours: 09:00 – 17:00 each day


Maximum number of delegates: 6
Duration: Consists of one 3 hour session on first day and a 4 hour session on second day.
Hours: 09:00 – 12:00 (Day 1), 09:00 – 13:00 (Day 2)
The second session includes time for the Exam (40 Questions).

To successfully receive the electronic training, you will require a system that has two screens attached. This will allow you to review the presentation while remotely controlling a training system that will be assigned to you. You will require internet access on your system and Microsoft Teams to be installed. You will also require TeamViewer remote software (Free Download) to be able to control your assigned training system. All required training material will be emailed to the individuals booked on the e-learning sessions.

Available courses

Select the technical training you are interested in below, and indicate your preferred dates. A Spacelabs representative will contact you to confirm availability.

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    Sentinel technical service training

    This course is reserved for authorized Spacelabs distributors and field service engineers. Training covers Sentinel 11.5, including installation of Pathfinder SL, Lifescreen Pro, Touch ECG, CubeStress.


    1-5 July 2024 (Level 1-3)8-12 July 2024 (Level 4)

    07-11 October 2024 (Level 1-3)14-18 October 2024 (Level 4)

    Hardware service training

    Self-learning online training

    Self-learning online training

    Self-learning online training

    Self-learning online training

    Self-learning online training

    Self-learning online training.