More than ever,
there’s a lot on the line

Spacelabs pioneered modern arrhythmia diagnostics and continues to offer solutions
that do more to help you provide the experience your patients expect while you expertly
manage your resources to meet today’s realities.

Connect to a more
integrated world of care

Integrate arrhythmia diagnostics data and capabilities from multiple sources
to help guide more confident decision-making and information sharing — across
your department, hospital, and healthcare system.

Knowledge as well as technology

The Sentinel® Cardiology information management system and Runway™ architecture make it easy to coordinate integrated analyses. And Spacelabs TeamUp™ strategies experts are with you at every step, including during network integration.

Smarter together,
every step of the way

Choose what’s best for each patient, as well as for your organization. We’ve made
it easier for care teams to perform at high levels with a range of offerings that put quality
in and take work out — for patients as well as staff — at every turn.

A storied legacy designed into every solution.

With origins that go back to the very beginning of Holter technology, Spacelabs
delivers powerful and accurate Holter analyzers and recorders to collect,
analyze, and interpret ECG information for your cardiology, hypertension
and diagnostic screening needs.

Who do you want by your side?

Choose a partner with a proven track record in both cardiology diagnostics and IT
solutions. Our heritage includes invention of the Holter monitor, and we’ve
beenadvancing arrhythmia diagnostics programs and systems for healthcare
providers ever since.

Your patients put their trust in you.

Clinical teams across the globe put their trust in us.

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