Spacelabs Healthcare UK supports Arrhythmia Alliance in COVID-19 response

During the COVID-19 pandemic, people with atrial fibrillation and other arrhythmias are understandably concerned about the risks associated with the virus. Spacelabs is working with the Arrhythmia Alliance UK to help patients and caregivers during this difficult time.

The Arrhythmia Alliance is a coalition of independent charities, patient groups, medical groups, and allied professionals, who work to improve the diagnosis, treatment and quality of life for all those affected by arrhythmias. To help meet the needs of patients and specialists seeking educational development, the Arrhythmia Alliance provides a wide range of online resources for both arrhythmia patients and their caregivers.

More information on the Arrhythmia Alliance is available here.

Spacelabs can help you with:
• Advice on fitting devices away from acute hospital settings
• Advice on managing your patient data remotely
• Disposable accessories
• Overflow analysis services

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