Your teams work smarter when your data works harder

There’s a science to care team performance, and Spacelabs is using it to develop new ways to enable group decision-making that is more collaborative and informed. IT plays a key role in both the solutions and in how expertly they can be tailored to a site’s infrastructure and specific needs.


No two situations are alike

Rely on Spacelabs TeamUp™ strategy experts to help you advance care team performance through IT, from asking the right questions up front to tailoring implementation to your specific environment.

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Built on standard IT principles

Runway is designed to be flexible, so it installs easily on the infrastructure that is likely already in your hospital.

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See for yourself

Integrate patient waveforms within your EMR and automate “admittance” to various monitors throughout a care path.

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Improve the experience

A supportive information architecture that integrates with your EMR is critical for creating satisfying experiences for staff and patients alike while managing costs.

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